Thursday, September 16, 2010

Holiday bag

Now I'm back from my holidays, I would like to get this blog going again.

My work has stopped me from sewing as much as I would have liked, but that will finish at the end of September. After that I shall be blogging more often I hope. And sewing lots!

Before leaving for France in August, I made this bag for DD2. The fabric comes from Ikea (no affiliation) and it's quite strong. The lining is made of calico, and the pocket is using the same fabric but going in the other direction.

Let me know if you would like more info on how to make such a bag. I could make a tutorial if there is some demand.

Now DD2 would like to have a little purse to go with it, with a rounded top and a zip. I took the fabric on holidays with me, but had no time to make one. It will happen eventually and I will show you the photos.

I told you I needed more time, and I don't even mention the UFO's.


Benta said...

Hi Pascale, I'm planning to make a decent size bag for myself, but most of the ones I see in blogland are really fancy -using jelly rolls, and hand made buttons - yours looks lovely, so please let me know if you do a tutorial... And I'll look at fabric next time I'm in Ikea :-)


gill said...

Hi Pascale
Great to see you back - hope you had a great summer!
Tutorials are always welcome!
Gill x