Saturday, August 07, 2010

Here are the 7 cards I made for the swap. 6 were sent and I kept one to remind me of my work.

The background is made of 6 squares of fabric on the theme of summer. My idea was of a hot day, enjoying a cool drink in the garden.
The glass and jug were glued on the background and then I did some free machine quilting to attach them.
There is a zig zag stitch all around the edges.

I really enjoyed the process of planning and making these cards. My problem is still finding the time to make more.


Kandy Newton said...

Oh Pascale - your postcards are just beautiful, you have captured the essence of an English summer perfectly! ha ha ha, what have I started? Soon you will hjave a collection as big as mine:-)

Melissa said...

Hi, there! I just clicked to your blog from and I just wanted to tell you that I love your fabric post cards! I haven't the patience to work so small but I do enjoy looking at what others create.

*El Rincon de Sandy* said...

Lovely Postcards!! Beautiful work!
I live in Swindon! No many patchworkers around here!!