Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby book

I made this for my next door neighbour, Julie, and more specially for her son Dan.

I have already made 2 books like this, some years ago, before starting this blog. The children have grown since, but one of the books is used by the recent addition to the family.

I start with a few fabric pictures, and use fabric from my previous projects.
I have this woven basket to put all the little bits leftover. I can't close the lid any more. I might take part of it to one of my Brownies meeting one evening, to help lower the level.

So each picture is framed, adding enough for the seam allowance. The side that will become the binding is larger than the 3 other ones.
Then I put 2 images right sides together, on some wadding. Sew around 3 sides, not the one for the binding. I cut the angles and the wadding around, and turn the page right side out. I topstitch around the page to flatten it.

The last stage I tend to do by hand because of the thickness of the book. I sew the pages together and hide all the edges with a piece of fabric.

Each fabric reminds me of a project.
The one on the back was bought to make some trousers for my first born. She is 15 now.

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anne-isis said...

Oh so cute - shure my children would have liked when they were babys