Friday, June 27, 2008

Atelier rouge, a new block

This block was started some time ago, but I stopped and it lingered in my drawer. Finally after a last bit of applique, it is finished. I have sewn bands of fabric for the background, different greens to give the impression of a dense forest. The house on stilts is made in patchwork and applique. When I will be at the quilting stage I will add details to the water. It is all my own design.

I have even managed to sew it to the next block, and as you can see there is only one more missing. If you have any idea leave me a word, the theme being red houses.
I suppose I could do a schoolhouse, or a houseboat...

And if you want to see what the other members of this challenge have managed, then check this link to the photos of the Atelier Rouge on Pascale's website, Au bout des doigts. It is in French, but you don't need a translation to see photos and if you want to leave a message, she does speak english.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

June bag

Finally I am back at my sewing table, the show is finished, my parents have gone back to France, and I have a bit of quiet.
So yesterday I finished my June bag in the BQL challenge.

It is smaller than the ones we did previously, more the size of a handbag, and I like that.
The flying geese are separated by some sashing, and there is a lot of free machine quilting so that the bag can stand by itself.

There is a pocket inside with 2 flying geese.
For the lining I used some hand dyed fabric that I made 2 years ago, it is very bright to lift the bag.

The bottom is a rectangle where the corners have been replaced by a round shape.

I am glad I have been able to do some sewing, I missed it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The quilt that walked to Golden

Sorry I didn't post much but this is a busy time with 3 of my daughters in a show. My eldest is Peter Pan and I had to make a costume for her. I will take a photo as soon as I can. I also had to sew 40 sequins on a ballet dress; it took me all of an evening as I couldn't do knots on the netting.

I wanted to tell you about a book I finished and really loved. It is called "The quilt that walked to Golden" by Sandra Dallas.

All publishing rights will go to the museum of quilts in the town of Golden, USA.

Basically it tells you the story of quilting in the state of Colorado, through the history of America. There are a lot of photos, and I read it as a novel, easy and entertaining. I strongly recommend it.
Don't you wish we could go in that shop and have a peak at all the goods stocked...?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Another bag

This bag was made with Daughter 3, who will be 10 soon. She chose the fabrics, the order of the strips, and did some of the sewing.

She found it difficult to cut with the rotary cutter, her hand was moving too much on the ruler. And sewing along the edge very precisely was also a challenge: I had to help a bit at the end.

Now that the bag is finished she is very happy with it, took it to school this morning. And she told me one of the pockets was perfect for her water bottle.

I love doing things with my girls, and hope they will catch the sewing bug... there are worse addictions.

To make the pockets i sewed a tube of fabric on the width of the lining with a horizontal line, where the flat part of the bag was to start; and added some vertical lines of sewing to separate 3 pockets. The sides are in the seam of the lining.

Friday, June 06, 2008

2nd block Nature et petits points

This is speedy for me, but I have finished the second block in our little challenge organised by Pascale, see previous post.

Maybe I am feeling guilty at already being late in following it.

This is ribbon embroidery, very pretty.

Is it a cherry tree ?

Some daffodils(fr:jonquilles) and grape hyacinths (muscaris). Ribbon embroidery and embroidery.

Shall I start on block 3, or rather finish other projects ? There is always lots to do.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

1st block Nature et Petits Points

Finally I finished my first block in our new project directed by Pascale in France on her blog Journal d'un Atelier. She has created another blog just for that project where you can follow what the other participants are up to Nature et petits points.

I love this block, but just find it hard to get the time to do it. I kind of need to be near the computer to follow the instructions, and the lovely photos.

So I'd better start straight away on block 2, after writing another post to show my work in France.

And this was my block before ironing. Sorry I don't seem to be able to erase it from the post...