Friday, September 26, 2008

Do you like my cheese box ?

I found a tutorial on a french blog to transform a cheese box into a pretty, fabric covered box. First I thought it was a bit over the top, very children's club...but then I thought again. The structure is already made, even if you have to cover it with clean cardboard.

The blog is "Les Chroniques de Frimousse" and she lists all her explanations to make objects in cardboard. For this one look under "Boite a camembert decoree", there are many more. It is in French but the photos are great, and if you need any help with translation or anything, leave me a message under this post.

And so last Saturday I started with my camembert box, my cereal box, my glue and a few pegs. I used the same fabric as for my previous box, so that they match.

The result is not perfect, but I like it. I even had DD2 saying she needed a similar box.

It made me think about how we buy things so cheaply when they involve quite some work, it is called unqualified work because you don't need to go to university, but it still takes time to put things together.
I know that through my handwork I now pay more attention to the things we find in shops. Some are so expensive for what they are, and some are so cheap for the work involved. We all try to do our best to support the right products, but the path is difficult to follow.
This box in a shop would be considered a cheap product, nothing to do with the time needed to make it. Not that I would want to sell it.
Meanwhile I will go back to do some sewing before the girls come back from school, and I might even go for a little walk later to enjoy the automnal sunshine that just appeared this afternoon. Let's enjoy what we have.

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cette boîte est une merveille de par le choix du tissus, je l'adore