Friday, July 18, 2008

Chris's bag

My friend Chris liked the bag I made in April, from a pattern by Kandy Newton, and she will soon get her own bag, the same size, with more pockets and details.

I found this cat fabric, and she likes cats, bought a metre, and had some darker coordinate, half a metre, and at the end I had to check the position of my pieces to have enough fabric for the bag.

I added a pocket with a zip and another pocket divided in 3.

And the last detail but I think it makes a difference, is a long string and hook to attach your keys on, pull them from the bottom of the bag where they always end up, and open the door with the keys still attached. You shouldn't lose them any more, and if need be you can still detach them.

I also added a button to close the bag in the middle of the top, as it is quite big, it will protect the privacy of the content when the bag is on the floor.
I hope she will like it. She is quite worried about her Mum at the moment, so it will distract her.

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Karol-Ann said...

This bag looks great!! I enjoyed this pattern too - very effective. Handy key tip, I have a bag with a presstud and the other bit goes on your keyring.