Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Malvern 2008-1

Last Friday, 16 May, I had my very nice and awaited trip to see the Malvern Quilt show. I was not disappointed by the display of quilts, and the number of shops demonstrating and selling their products.

I was pleased to notice that the price of fabric has gone down with time. We are still more expensive than the US, but where I used to pay £10 a metre, there were not many fabrics at that price any more. I think £8 was more the norm, and it went down to £3 in some places. All the better for my purse.

I carried with me my last BQL bag, which I had to borrow back from my daughter, and used it to recognise other members of the group.
First I met Susan Briscoe on her stand, with her books and japanese fabric. She had a quilt on show, here on the left.

She is very busy at the moment, preparing her latest book, and she was waiting for the visit of a professional photographer.

I wandered and took lots of photos, and as I was about to leave, tired at the end of the day I met Susan Anderson, who had come with her husband to the show. She had a quilt up and I believe she must have had a lot of fun making it, with all these men checking her out...

It is very nice to meet someone from the group, there wasn't many of us on Thursday, but I know quite a few went to the show over the 4 days it ran.

And last but not least I can show you the winner quilt of the show, beautiful work, lots of hand applique, very nice quilting. It might be by Liz Jones, but I need to confirm this.
It was difficult to photograph as there was a lot of passage in front of it, as well as a busy shop just next.

I regret now that I didn't buy the official program, it would give me all the names of the artists, but I thought I didn't need it and that it would clutter my house afterwards. Regrets...


Karol-Ann said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I was just reading your blog (some of it) and I love your jewelry rolls and luggage tags especially.
Really nice to meet you :-)

Ivory Spring said...

Hello Pascale,

Sorry for the late reply. Things have been hectic at my end. Thank you for the sweet comments you have left on my blog. I have posted some updates on the "Family Tree" fabrics since your comment. I am still slowly chugging along...

As for the pincushions, They are made by "The Inglestone Collection" Tel: 01285712778 - give them a call if you are interested. They have some very very nice ones!!!

Let me know when you receive the magazine in the mail. I hope you like it! :)