Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cushions for charity

As a member of the Golden Lion Quilters in Swindon, Wiltshire, I am expected to present some cushions on Wednesday 14 May to be given to the Breast Cancer Association. A lady will attend our meeting, collect the cushions and sell them for the benefit of the charity.

I had to decide what to do, and chose to use orphan blocks, and reduce my number of UFOs.

The first one was a workshop on sewing round seams with the machine. I don't really like the colors any more.

They are all closed with a zip.

The second one is the result of a swap of blocks. Again not really my colors, but I hope somebody will love them.
I put the block on point and added the triangles in the corners.

And then full of energy I went back to the shops to buy 2 more cushion pads and zips to use some cushion fabric I had won, but didn't particularly like.

I don't think I really enjoy working like this for charities, because a few years ago we made some bags for a charity, and some members discovered that they were sold for next to nothing.
On one side I understand that the charity wants the money to serve its purpose, but on the other side we spend time and money to make something nice that is not sold for its value. It made me feel that it would have been better to give them the money directly.
I suppose another reason is that people don't expect to pay much in a charity shop, even for new things.
As a result I have done my bit this year, but I wasn't as keen as previously. I hope these cushions will be sold for a good price, that is a reflection of the time and effort put in making them.

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flom said...

tu as fait encore des merveilles, pffff, cette pose de fermeture, moi qui commence j'en suis loin!!!! (en plus avec gros plan!!!!!!!):-)))))))))))
en tout cas je suis sure que tes coussins vont plaire, tu as donné de ton temps, de ta creativité,alors je suis sure qu'ils seront vendus