Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little news

I haven't posted much recently, it's been a bit busy.
DD1 came back for the week end a week ago. It takes her 6h30 to travel down from Glasgow. It was great to see her, but too fast .

I've been sewing , and knitting, so I've got lots to show, but I need to take photos first.

First for fun, my friend Fiona just came back from Australia and brought back some goodies:

The small bags are really good to keep parts of projects together, like this 

And the band aids say "quilted" on it.

Thank you again Fiona.

I'm working on some paper piecing as a hand sewing project, inspired by this book 

And this is my project at the moment, to make a baby quilt

I love the idea of using paper clips to hold the fabric on the card before basting. This book is very inspirational.
I put little stickers with numbers when I had decided the position of each star. I made 6 diamonds from each fabric, and used 3 of them for one star.
I have not completely decided on the edges, it will come in its time.

Enjoy your sewing.



Plum Cox said...

Lovely looking diamonds! I never managed to keep mine completely flat.... but yours look fab!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I haven't tried diamonds, but yours is looking great! Lovely that DD came home (with washing?)

Pascale said...

I'm leaving myself a comment to check I am not a no reply blogger.