Sunday, January 13, 2013

Easy Street, progress

I am still working on the mystery quilt called Easy Street by Bonnie Hunter. She continued to post clues over Christmas, and I knew that I couldn't keep up then. I was not in the same country as my sewing machine!

Since coming back for the New Year to England, I have worked steadily to try to catch up. It will happen eventually, because the mystery is not a secret any more. The last clue has showed us the end result, which makes it much easier to work on the quilt. I like to know what I'm doing.

Lots of cutting and sewing 

The piles of block pieces are mounting

Clue 7 was the 4 corners and 12 triangles
So I am now working on clue 8, the last one but quite consequent as it involves making all the blocks 16 of one and 9 of the other, and then putting the quilt together....I have made 2 blocks,  but I want to link up with Bonnie's blog and the deadline is tonight. At least I have made all the 4 corners and the 12 triangular blocks to set everything on point.

 This is an arrangement not definitive to show the colours.

 With extra corners ready.

My first 2 blocks, 14 more to go.
There were some points when I thought I wouldn't have enough fabric in one colour-way  but finally all my pieces were cut. It's just a question of assembling everything now.

I will hopefully be able to show you a finished top soon.

Enjoy your sewing.



Anita said...

You are coming along just great, keep up the good work!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

That's looking lovely, well done!