Sunday, September 23, 2012

Little things to sell

I'm hoping to take part in a craft fair before Christmas, so figured I'd better start sewing to make some stock. These are the results over 2 days.

 I made 4 coasters with fruit fabric. They were fat 8th already used a bit on another project.

 And then I made 4 peg bags with wooden hangers, child size from Dunelm.

That's a beginning for a stall. I know I need to make many more projects, but I reckon that small and inexpensive things will sell better than a small quilt for example.
Wish me luck.

Enjoy your sewing.



QuiltandPatch said...

Lovely things Pascale hope the fair goes well and as you say yes, people like inexpensive!

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

You are right, the big stuff doesn't sell! Hope it goes well

PS I've got to stop spending so much time on blogs, so as you have [Goggle Plus] there will be times when I hit that rather than actually comment.  The + will translate as " I came, I read, I had to dash, but I did enjoy the visit". I hope you're ok with this, and obviously understand when you do the same :-)

Plum Cox said...

What a lovely start! I wish you well with it.
You might want to have a quilt or two draped around for effect, though, as it might prompt people to ask about commissioning something. Another idea is to have something pocket-money priced at the front of the stall to attract children - if you can think of something quick enough to make like that!
Good luck!