Monday, May 28, 2012

Just some news

My next post will be quilt related but this one is just about our visitors. These are the steps to come to our front door, and at the moment the ducks are coming there in the evenings and mornings. I like them except for the poo left. They are chasing the heat on the stones from the sun before it gets completely dark. We also see a fox sometimes, but that's later.

And these photos are about the Olympic Torch touring England. It came to Swindon last Wednesday and I went on my bike with DD2 who is on study leave for her exams. We saw it first in Old Town, under a scorching heat. We had to buy an ice cream later on , and sat on a bench in the park overlooking the town.

And then we went to Greenbridge's shopping area, took our time and heard people screaming as the torch was approaching round the corner, and I got this other photo. DD2 thought it was too much wait for little and had gone in the shop. 
All this was done on our bikes to spend the calories from the ice cream, and as you can see it was very hot, as it has been since.

Enjoy the weather wherever you are, and your sewing.


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Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Golly the flame is moving quite slowly, it comes though Windsor 10th July, but then goes in a car to its next location!!