Thursday, May 10, 2012

A finished cardigan

I have finally finished this cardigan.
I think I started it at Easter last year. It followed me on different holidays, and the knitting was finished in November.

But then we moved. I lost the liberty fabric bias I had found to finish it.

On Sunday I finally finished it and wore it proudly to church. 
I was even lucky enough to get a bit of sun in the garden to take a photo.

If you are not in England, I must tell you that we have had a record wet April, and May is not nice at all so far. Everybody is lamenting about it. The heating is still on  and we have to take umbrellas everywhere. It's not normal to have so much rain.

Here is a detail of the bias. It gives some shape to the top of the cardigan.

The thread is  by Fonty, Bambou 100%, the grey has a ref 448.
I know it could do with a little blocking for the bottom edge. Not sure it will happen.
The pattern is from an old "Marie Claire Idees " magazine, from the summer 2009, ref here.

Have fun doing some sewing, knitting, crochet, whatever makes you happy.



Irene said...

I just love your cardigan Pascale. It looks very delicate and the Liberty trim really sets it off. I could never knit anything as lovely as that.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

That's lovely, what a great idea to finish it off ith fabric, I wonder if that would work for others that are losing their shape

Ivory Spring said...


Thanks for visiting me. Your cardigan looks lovely.