Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm back!

Thank you for staying during this brief interruption of the program...
Time has gone quickly and I am ready to take my blog again.
So first I will wish you a Merry Christmas/ Joyeux Noel. Mine was very good with all the family in France. Thank you.
Then I can wish you a Happy New Year/ Bonne Annee 2012. The french know that with the rush to prepare everything for Christmas, they won't have time to write cards. So they allow themselves to send them until the end of January. See I'm not even late.

The big news is that we have moved. Like always, everything goes quickly at the end. We moved on the 2nd of December to a bigger house, 10 minutes from the previous one.
It is strange to pass in front of the old one, and to see the carpets and cupboards go in a skip. I'm better about it, it's not my house any more.
The new one is better but it will take us time to make it feel like our home. It is good with the girls and our furniture.... but it doesn't smell right, yet. And we need time to redecorate a bit, change a few things, and hang pictures and quilts on the walls.
The best that happened is that I have a sewing room! I have some photos to show you later, with some changes done already.

Now for some sewing.
While trying to sort out a lot of fabric (I don't know where it all comes from), I found a piece that I used for a craft project when I was around 12 years old. We made a round bag with a zip in school (I don't know where it is any more), and at home I made a pencil case.

So here is my new pencil case, same fabric but with a different technique.

Have a great time sewing.



gill said...

Hi Pascale
Good to see you back!
I'm glad to hear you're settling in to your new home! and a sewing room - lucky you!

Irene said...

Hello Pascale, so good to have you back. Great that the move went well and that you now have a sewing room.

I was staying with my daughter in Switzerland for Christmas. It was a lovely white one!

Bonne Annee!

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Welcome back! Glad the move finally went ahead, and great news about the sewing room!