Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Liberty table set

This is the last little project I finished. I started on holidays as it was easy to take with me. It was at Easter mind you. It's the label that slowed me down. Funny how I don't like doing the labels.

 And here is a detail of one of the blocks, the binding and backing.

 I was given tiny bits of Liberty fabric and thought I would use them up in this project. Needless to say I still have a few small bits of fabric left.
Maybe fabric lasts longer when it is cut up in small parts.

I wanted to try a classic design on a small scale, and do it fast. I think the result is very nice.
Now where should I put it...

Enjoy your sewing.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Pennants for the Olympics

My local quilting group has finished making their pennants, and I have them until I can pass them to the organisation "Pennants for London". Here are some photos.

First are the ladies themselves holding the pennants. They are not always matching the pennants and the author, as some are holding 2.

By John G, Frances's husband.

By Libby T, because she went on holidays there and they will sail for the Olympics. 

By Frances G.
The windsurfer by Helen T
A life on the ocean by Jane T
Wiltshire Moonracker by Bernice P
Boat by Janet W
By Yvonne J

Swindon's famous roundabout, by Laine S

Red buses by Pearl P

Swindon Ssteam by Helen

Windsor Castle by Christine H

The celtic crosses representing a flower, keys and animals by Kaye M
These are all wonderful pennants, and we hope the people who will receive them will enjoy them as much as we did making them.
To see my own pennant go there.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

We are hoping to move

This is the reason I haven't posted much recently. We saw a house we liked not far (so no need to change schools for the girls, nor friends or dancing lessons) and to make an offer on it we have put our house on the market. That meant a lot of tidying up and putting things away. Most of my sewing is now in the loft (le grenier en francais), and I have to be ready to show the house quickly. The garden is tidy, the kitchen empty and the girls have wonderful, clean bedrooms.
It's all good for selling this house, which we love but it has become too small for our big family. But it's no good for creativity and crafty activities. Hopefully the reward should be a sewing room, and not a bit of the living room for me. Hourra!

In the meantime I had to make a card for Irene's birthday (in the BQLPC birthday swap), and I was late. It is now in the post and she should have it on Monday. Here it is, a calorie free cupcake.

I'm just practising techniques. The wadding is a bit too thick but that's the one I could find.
I really enjoyed designing and sewing again, and hopefully should have more time for it soon.