Sunday, June 05, 2011

We are hoping to move

This is the reason I haven't posted much recently. We saw a house we liked not far (so no need to change schools for the girls, nor friends or dancing lessons) and to make an offer on it we have put our house on the market. That meant a lot of tidying up and putting things away. Most of my sewing is now in the loft (le grenier en francais), and I have to be ready to show the house quickly. The garden is tidy, the kitchen empty and the girls have wonderful, clean bedrooms.
It's all good for selling this house, which we love but it has become too small for our big family. But it's no good for creativity and crafty activities. Hopefully the reward should be a sewing room, and not a bit of the living room for me. Hourra!

In the meantime I had to make a card for Irene's birthday (in the BQLPC birthday swap), and I was late. It is now in the post and she should have it on Monday. Here it is, a calorie free cupcake.

I'm just practising techniques. The wadding is a bit too thick but that's the one I could find.
I really enjoyed designing and sewing again, and hopefully should have more time for it soon.


gill said...

Hi Pascale
Gorgeous card - as usual!
I don't envy you the house move - it can be so stressful. I hope everything goes well for you. We've lived here for nearly 25 years and I can't imagine moving!

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

How exciting! I've only ever bought one house - this one, 24 years ago!! It got too small for us when the girls came along, but we moved the kitchen and the bathroom, added another living room, converted the loft ... Maybe we should have just moved LOL

Mrs. Mike said...