Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Frustration !

I'm back from my little trip to northern France with the girls. Sorry I didn't contact you Pascale, but I wasn't very organised.
I managed to give a second lick of paint to the bathroom, and then on Tuesday last week I went to register for a horse riding lesson. As I left with DD1 in the dark, I slipped on some mud and had a bad fall. I didn't get to go on a horse. To cut the story short, I have dislocated my right shoulder with a bit of broken bone. I'm not supposed to move it : can't write, cut my meat, sew or knit. I'm developing my abilities with my left hand : brushing my teeth, holding a pencil.
DH had to come rescue us on Friday, as did my parents and sister on Wednesday. Luckily the girls are not toddlers any more, they can look after themselves for a little while.
I had taken some little projects with me but just managed to iron some fabric before falling.
That's where the frustration comes from.

I've used this time to check all my emails, and update the way my blog list is displayed. I need to do something about my banner though.
If only I could sew!

I can show you a card I made just before leaving.
 They were for the birthday swap on BQLpostcards, with cats as a theme.
My free motion quilting is easier now that I resolved the problem of tension.

I have somthing else made previously to show you, but my typing is very slow.

Enjoy your sewing.



Sandra Henderson said...

I am so srry to hear of your plight! This is very frustrating, im sure! Wishing you well. Xo

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Ouch. Hope you recover quickly

gill said...

Oh Pascale! I hope you're feeling better!
Take care

Irene said...

Oh Pascale, so sorry to hear of your fall. How frustrating for you. I love your postcards they are so cute!

Delphine said...

Je suis désolée pour votre mésaventure.Il vous reste la lecture ou feuilleter des tas de livres, magazines pour y trouver des idées pour de futurs projets! Bon rétablissement!