Monday, September 26, 2011

New oilcloth pencil cases for school

Sometimes you see oilcloth or "Tissu enduit" in French, and the designs are just so great. I use them mostly to make pencil cases for the girls, and only buy half a metre of a design.
Here is my latest batch, made this afternoon.

 Today I made 4, and 2 of them have gone already for DD3 and her best friend Bernadette. They were pretty excited to have them.

 I can't remember where I bought the fabric, but I think it was DD1 who chose it. Tha't s why I have some spares.

 To be able to stand, I gave them this cornered bottom.

There isn't any lining, which makes them fast to sew.

 This smarties fabric I found in Dunelm, I suppose it is primarily for children's parties. It was cheap anyway, and just perfect for a pencil case. Cheerful.

I used the same construction, and DD4 has got one since this morning. I have one spare.

Have fun sewing.



gill said...

I've never used oil-cloth but I'd love to have a go!
Could you help us all with a tutorial??
Thanks Pascale

Anonymous said...

Lovely pencil cases ! Good job Pascale, as usual ;-) Kisses from Normandy. Karine

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I am in awe of anyone who can do zips! my favourite is the smartie fabric

oldest daughter's favourite joke . . . Why did the m&m go to school? He wanted to be a smartie!

QuiltandPatch said...

Yes zips are my downfall too.And a tutorial would be good!

Irene said...

Love your pencil cases Pascale.
Irene B

Annette J said...

You have given me an idea Pascalle on what to do with the piece of oil cloth I have left over from making bags last year. I'm sure my local school would love them for their craft stall.