Friday, September 16, 2011

Laptop bag

I'm still here and as the girls have now gone back to school, I am slowly catching up on everything. I read my emails on the day they arrive, which is a big progress. There are a few things still demanding my attention.

But I want to show you my new laptop bag. Having 4 girls in the house, 3 of them teenagers, we have a lot of laptops. 5 plus DH work one. At home he is sharing his with DD4. We bought laptop bags but they are very bland. And they are obvious in their design so not very good to protect your property from being stolen. Why not have a different bag.

I've tried to take some pictures while working on this project. Here are my pieces prepared. You would measure your own laptop to adjust the size.
I had some fabric for the body of the bag; it is a long rectangle that goes from the front, around to the back and makes the flap as well. You  need it twice, or in my case a 1 metre piece, folded, and the left over was used for the pockets.

 Here is the piece folded.

 This strippy fabric is for the partition in the middle of the bag, to create a pocket for the computer, and separate it from the papers, wires,etc.... There wasn't enough of the first fabric for that part. It makes you creative !
There is a piece of wadding the same size, which is the surface of the computer plus 2 rectangles, one on each end for the depth of the computer. Add a seam allowance of course.

For my strap I had to find another fabric again. It's quite fun. It measures finished 3 1/2"(9cm) wide by 63" (160 cm). The strap is also the side of the bag. There is some wadding inside to make it more comfortable to carry.

So here is my partition quilted. 11" high by 20 " long. It's not a snug fit, and again you need to measure your own computer.

Next I made some pockets with bits of fabric left over. I like to make them lined, so I cut my fabric twice the size of the pocket, fold it right sides together, and sew around 3 sides and 4 corners, leaving a small opening that will be sewn when the pocket is put on the bag. Easy.

Cut the corners and turn right side out.

I sewed a line at the top, 1/4" from the seam. I should have ironed it !

For the main body of the bag, I used the envelope method to attach the fabric and wadding in a rectangle shape, leave a gap, cut the corners, turn right side out.
Then I quilted following the design that was to be outside, with a walking foot on the machine, plus around my rectangle about 1/4" all the way.

This is the time to put your pockets on . Here on the inside partition.

I was wondering how to attach the partition to the sides, in a nice way. The first side is easy, and the seam allowance is in the pocket.

That's a nice finish inside.

This is the other side, slightly more tricky because you can't hide it inside. So I folded and sewed.

Here is a view of the pocket for the laptop. I have left the bottom open, because the computer can't go through it, but other things could. You could decide to sew the bottom.

My next step was to attach the strap/sides. It's easy but you need your walking foot. You position the bottom  of your strap where you want it (back, bottom and front of the bag), use plenty of pins and sew around. Pivot at the corners. Take your time.

Inside view of the compartment for paper and wires.

There is also a pocket on the body under the flap of the bag for pens and paper.

Bag open with the flap at the back.
View of the 2 compartments of the bag, plus pockets.

My bag is finished.

I hope you enjoyed these explanations. I haven't put many measures because this needs to be adapted to your laptop.
Have fun sewing.

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Must make one sometime,it is so useful!