Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My new green shawl

I'm wearing it at the moment as we switched the heating off. I saw the pattern in a shop in Bovey Tracey, Devon, called "Spin a Yarn" and bought their Kid Mohair Merino from Touch Exclusive in a bright green. It was very easy to knit in Garter Stitch (I had to check and it means all rows in knit stitch. I learned knitting in french so am not always sure when reading patterns in english).

On this project I also taught myself to knit with the thread in my left hand (continental knitting), and not in the right one (english knitting) as I was doing before. After some time to get used to it, I am much faster than with my previous technique.
 I asked DD3 to display it to its advantage in the garden, but the colour is really hard to show. It is deeper, not as pale as on the photo.

I had a plan with another thread to make a complicated shawl. It's not started yet, maybe it's too ambitious. Meanwhile this one was started and finished in a blink.

This green shawl is really good in the evening when I feel colder and don't want to go upstairs find something more consequent. I love it which is the main thing.


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