Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cats everywhere, in fabric card and a toy

Again time has been flying by.
We went on holidays skiing and that took a lot of organising on my account before and after the week we were gone. I think I caught up with the washing, nearly.
I didn't do much sewing while I was away or since I came back but I have some little things to show you.

First there was Barbara's birthday, and she asked for a cat on her card, and this is my result. I pieced a background and drew a cat face on a paper template, then fabric. I used some free motion sewing to applique the design.
They look a bit cheeky.

Now I can stay on the theme of the cats with this blue one.
The pattern comes from Wee Wonderfull and this link will take you to Hillary's page of freebies. She has also published a book.

I love this cat, the design is very modern and you could put the head at a different angle to have a new expression.
OK and I could also give him some eyes and mouth.


NancyRose said...

so lovely !!!!

pascale said...

ils sont mignons !! adorable, cute! bisous