Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How to make a Kindle sleeve

My husband received a Kindle for Christmas, and is using it quite a lot. Naturally he would like to protect it with a sleeve, and asked me to make him one, with my fabric figuring some writing.
The explanation does not include size so that you can adapt this idea to any device you want to cover.

First I went around the Kindle with a pencil held straight vertically, to have a pattern . Then I added 3/4" in width and length, to allow for the seam allowance and the  volume of the fabric and wadding all around. I can tell you that it fitted snugly.

Here you can see my 2 paper patterns. I added a little flap at the top, to attach the Velcro for the closure.

 Now we are cutting the fabric. Using the biggest paper pattern, you need 2 fabric pieces for the front and back, same with the lining. You also need to cut a rectangle for the flap, and a piece of Velcro. Fold the rectangle of fabric in 2 to find the middle, and stitch down one part of the Velcro.

 You also need to cut the wadding, and I used the smaller paper pattern, to limit the volume in the seams. Quilt it down on the front and back. If you have some stiff wadding, you can use that, especially to protect the screen.

 Here you can see the reverse of the Velcro flap, I have sewn the sides and cut the corners near the centre fold. You just need to turn it out.

 I have attached the outside and the lining together, trying to follow the round shape around the corners. On the piece that is to become the back, I have inserted the Velcro flap.

 The last stage is to attach the 2 final parts together, and I haven't got the photos. I suppose I must have forgotten.
You will put the outside parts right sides together, pin them, and do the same with the lining parts, leaving a gap on the side or the bottom to turn everything out. Follow the curves with your sewing machine.
The tricky bit is the middle. You might need to finish that by hand to have a very neat result, or try it by machine.
When you have finished sewing, turn everything right side out, and slip stitch the opening closed.

 I chose to have a bigger opening at the top, so that you can pull the Kindle out.

 Nice finish !
So here we are.

I am happy that I don't need to buy the sleeves offered in shops. They are all the same, overpriced and not original for a penny.
And I am proud that my work is deemed worth it by my family. Love it.
Now it's your turn.


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Much better then my attempt ... I cut a lower leg piece from old jeans and stitched one end closed and hemmed the other!, think I need to use your tute to improve on it!


loulee said...

I've been mulling this one over too, we've recently acquired a Kindle and an I pad, Tony asked me to make covers for both. I like the fabric idea too.

sewkalico said...

Very clever! Well done Pascale!!