Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crochet holder

 For some time I have followed the blog of Cecile Franconie, she is french and writes in french but don't let that stop you from visiting and having a look. She uses embroidery to the maximum, adding ribbons and beads. Her choice of fabrics is different and opens new doors.
Her blog is "Facile Cecile", and she also has some projects published in magazines, like Magic Patch, which is translated in English, and books like this one "rangements a coudre". Her next one is coming in March.

Let's come back to my crochet holder. I've used some liberty fabric inside, a piece of ribbon to close it, and some crochet along the top edge. This makes all the difference from other crochet holders, and is in the style of Cecile. Why make simple things when you can make beautiful things.

She admits to spending a lot of time sewing, crocheting or knitting, as well as having a big family.

  So I hope to have inspired you to discover somebody new, or maybe you already knew about her work.

 Have a good Sunday.


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I recently treated oldest daughter and I to a beginners crochet kit ... We can do the straight line, but are still trying to understand how to attach *this* stitch to *that* stitch LOL. Love the hook holder though :-)

gill said...

Pascale, this is so much nicer than the traditional crochet hook rolls!
Thank you I'm off to take a look at Cecile's blog

Plum Cox said...

What a pretty project! It's almost made me want to re-find all the crochet hooks that I once had close to hand in order to organise them in something as beautiful as this!