Sunday, May 09, 2010

Old sewing notions

My grandfather worked in the textile industry. See it's not my fault if I love everything related to fabric, it must be in the blood. And I found these in my grandmother's sewing supplies.
I loved them both dearly but sadly they left us a few years ago.

Under the brown paper from Coats, are reels of thread. I didn't open them to check the state of the cotton, because I think they look so much better like this, with the tie around.

And then there were these books of buttons. Some were used by Bonne Maman, probably on some clothes for my Mum and Aunt.

Sorry it's all in french, but I am sure that you can catch the spirit of the time, just looking at these.

My first knitted hat

OK I'm a bit behind with writing my blog. I'm trying to keep up with everything : work, children, husband, house, and other commitments.
We have to finish some quilts for the Hospital. I only need to put the labels but it takes me longer than I thought to do that. I'll show them soon.

Now I took some knitting with me on our last holiday. I bought this gorgeous wool in a shop in Burford UK. It's called Colinette, Skye.
The pattern was on Ravelry and is "Pajunkissa". It is done on a circular needle.

Oh and the gorgeous model is DD1. I love her hair coming out.

I had to start 3 times to get the right size but the wool is so nice to use that I didn't mind.