Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sketchbook and pencils holder

Another quick project, I know my UFO's are not making any progress meanwhile.

I found this tutorial, tried it once, and then lost my papers, couldn't find the website, but finally here it is. The tutorial was on the blog "Atkinson Designs", and is called an Airplane Art Binder (it is the third from the top). There are lots of useful photos, but you have to change the size of the paper pad as it is an american measure, and the european ones are slightly different.

All in all it was easy to make. I chose more masculine colors as it was offered to my husband on his birthday. And then I had to borrow it back to show it to my patchwork group.
The ladies there expect me to show something every time!

On this next photo you will see the outside completely opened up. The button was homemade with Fimo paste by one of our daughters.
The tie is sewed on the right, left, and on a vertical line in the middle.
There is no quilting as there is no wadding, but interfacing.

So go on and try one.

It makes me think of the phrase written by William Morris “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.
So instead of having a horrible plasticky object we have a homemade one.
Of course this only works when you have the time to make the object, and it's not going to be ruined, or not appreciated.


Mrs. Mike said...

How I enjoy watching your ingenuity and faithfulness to your sewing machine!
Something's going to have to change around here....

Anonymous said...

Comme j'aime ce tissu avec les petites chouettes ! Et aujourd'hui c'est à TOI que l'on souhaite un joyeux anniversaire chère Pascale ! Bises du Havre. Ka&co

sewkalico said...

You always make those projects that make me think :Ah, I wanted to try that! Maybe I should just create more and think about things less :-)