Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Knitted Baby cardigan

This had to be kept secret as it was a present for my little niece, now aged 7 months.
I started knitting before she was born, then had a break... and hurried to give it to her dad, my little brother when I saw him a week ago.
I began to get worried it would be too small by the time I finished it, luckily it seems to be too big ! I did it in a size 6 months to 1 year.

The colours are pink and brown, difficult to show them on this photo. I started knitting the neck and got down to the belt level. It is all done in one piece, with just 2 seams under the 2 arms.
It was supposed to be a quick project, and it wasn't, all my fault.
I hope the little J. likes it. She seems to be growing by the minute.


sewkalico said...

It's gorgeous!

Mrs. Mike said...

Mmm- pink and brown. Makes me think of chocolate covered something sweet! and I'll bet Little J is just that!