Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November Calendar

And November is going on quickly, Christmas seems to be running towards us.
This is my interpretation of our block for our perpetual calendar on BQL for this month.

The block was "Drunkards Path", and we could
machine applique a circle in the middle of a
square, then cut it in 4 to get 4 little blocks.

I complicated it a bit by putting 2 circles in, one being much smaller than the other. It was all calculated so that the final design would give the impression of a continuity between the squares on the block. It worked if you don't look too much in detail.

This photo was taken before the quilting-embroidery-ribbon were added.

I love the result, tried different fabrics, on the basis of a blue, white and red choice.
And then I thought there was still a lot of space in the red area, and added the embroidery (machine) and the ric rac ribbon.
It looks a bit old fashioned, which I find interesting.

I enjoy trying a different technique every month, and a small project gives you the opportunity to play a bit with fabrics, ribbons and quilting.
Soon I will be given the instructions for Christmas, I wonder what Kandy has done for us...

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