Friday, November 06, 2009


I am sorry there was a gap in my posting.
I went away in France for a week and took some sewing with me, but didn't find the time to do much. Nothing finished anyway.

We came back in time for Halloween, walking the streets with my youngest, and then on 1st Nov was the Malvern Autumn Patchwork show.
I went with my friend Jane and her daughter Amanda and it was a great day. I didn't buy too much fabric in the morning, but the afternoon was more productive.
I also bought some wadding in advance as I hate chasing cotton wadding for a project, and paying a high price. In fact what happened was that near the end of the show I mentioned it near a shop and was offered to buy whatever wadding was left for £5.50 a metre. A bargain. So instead of a roll I have pieces going from 1 1/2 metres to 4 metres, but I know that some of them will be used for small projects, so it's not a problem.
I am still looking for some black fabric for one of my projects. I am running low but the rolls in the shop have a slightly different hue, and I am getting nowhere. I left my phone number with a shop and haven't heard from them after a week. Another one has something close to the right colour, is that good enough ?
I am hoping to get more sewing done now.
Oh and I have a new computer, much faster, that should help as soon as I get used to the new features.
Enjoy your sewing..


Kandy Newton said...

crikey, how annoying that you still cannot find your blue black fabric. Trouble is it's so dark it doesn't photograph well either, so difficult to explain to anyone who hasn't seen it. I think your quilt will look great, even if you have to use a slightly different colour. Besides if you mix 'em up - who will know that isn't what you intended all along };-p

Lova said...

Bonjour Pascale, Merci pour ton message sur mon blog. Oui, je rigole encore quand je vois mes vetements et coiffure de cette epoque. Lucky you, to find such a great price wadding, I wish I had shops like that nearby. I get mine from hancocks-paducah whenever they have free shipping (they send you discount codes and free shipping codes if you subscribe to their newsletter), their prices are very good and they have a lot of variety.