Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House key ring

Here is a little project I started during the holidays.
I made it all by hand because I didn't have a machine there, and finished it when I came home because Iwanted to use a key fob; this way I can change the keys, or not take the little house with the keys if I have a very small bag.

It comes from this magazine, written by Veronique Requena, which went out of print because it sold so well, and has been made into a book. I am afraid it is only available in french at the moment, also I only looked on Amazon UK for an english version.
She is also the owner of the shop in Bourgogne, France, "Born to Quilt".

The pattern is pretty simple, measure your keys and the space they need, and you could adapt it to suit your needs.


Kandy Newton said...

I love this key fob, especially with the lovely subtle colours you have used.

sewkalico said...

This is so cute!