Thursday, March 12, 2009

Japanese little bag

Last year on holidays we found a shop that was selling end of rolls of japanese fabrics. They were making and selling duvet covers. We bought a few pieces, and I have finally made that little bag that was all planned in my head.

You need 2 long pieces of fabric, one for the outside and the other for the lining, same size wadding, one coordinating zip, and a long piece of string or upholstery accessory (1metre 50).
DD1 accepted to be the model for this photo.

I found this new method for piecing it all together, where you leave a gap in a horizontal seam for turning (mine was on the lining for the zip), and then you do your vertical seams that include the outside and the lining of the bag at the same time, all turned on the wrong side of course. I am not sure if this is clear but it is shown on this blog Ptitsy Moloko, in french but the photos help.

Previously I was sewing the bag part, right sides together, and then the lining parts, right sides together. Now I can just sew them at the same time, provided that there is an opening to turn everything the right way around. It also means that the lining is stitched to the bag, and it won't move separately.


flom said...

j'adore ton idée de fermeture eclair, elle me tente bien mais je sais pas si j'arriverai à bien la monter
bravo il est superbe ton petit sac

Doda said...

thanks, that is helpful advice about the lining. I need to check that out.