Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Case for my sat nav

Like a lot of you, we bought a satellite navigation system for the car. DH then mentioned that I could make a bag or case for it, instead of buying one. So off I go, with one of my japanese fabric remnants again, a bit of wadding, quilt along the lines of the design. Then I found some blue fabric, and some stick on velcro.

Everything went fine, except the velcro. Why did I bother to buy that stuff, it's horrible, and I wonder if I should bin the bit left straight away. You think the sticky part is going to make things easier, and it's the opposite. It sticks but not enough to do what it's supposed to do, like hold a bag closed. And you can't sew through it : I tried first with the sewing machine, glue everywhere, and then again with hand sewing. So I used fabric glue to attach 2 parts firmly, and then gave up, and DH bought some normal velcro...that was so easy to use.

Anyway I am quite pleased with the result, which is unique, nobody has the same.

I hope it might inspire you to give it a go, you could make a little pocket for your phone (I hope to try that soon), MP3 or ipod, or even your laptop (maybe another project).

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pascale said...

ouh que cela est mignon. Cela me fait penser qu'il m'en faudrait un aussi. Bisous