Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to make a simple bag

Our family needs something to keep our rolls of wrapping paper tidy and protected. And so I thought I could make a simple bag and show you how.

I needed a long piece of rectangle fabric, obviously, fold it in 2 right sides together, pin and sew along each side. Zigzag over the seams to make sure the fabric doesn't fray.

Cut some fabric for the 2 handles, mine was 18"x2 3/4" for each, because that's what I could use, and didn't want them to be too long; fold in 2 right sides together, sew along the long edge at 1/4", turn the handles to the right side (a bit fiddly so don't make them too narrow), iron with the seam in the middle, and topstitch twice so that they lay flat.

Iron a double hem at the top of the bag, measure and place your handle ends in the seam allowance, and sew all around the bag. Then turn it right side out, and topstitch where the handles are attached to the bag so that they are maintained flat to the top.

Et voila...

Easy, there is no lining, just change the size to make a shopping bag, or one for the children, the library, etc... Have fun with the fabrics, add pockets, or embellishments.

Mine is going to live in the cupboard under the stairs sadly, but at least it is very big to carry all the rolls. And I had the fabric for a long time, with no specific use in mind.

Go on make some bags yourself...

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corry said...

Great bag, you used wonderful fabric too!