Monday, March 17, 2008

Crochet baby shoes

Sorry I haven't posted for a week, I have been busy but nothing finished.

My log cabin is in the quilting stage, and I am just bracing myself for some free machine quilting.

I knit in the evenings, and at the swimming pool waiting for DD4, I'm on the second sock. The first one is a bit see threw near the heel, I will have to go back to it.

And I also quickly made some baby shoes in crochet, they will be given soon to a friend who had a little boy. He is already a month old so I need to hurry.

The pattern comes from the book "First Crochet" by Lesley Stanfield, and the explanations are very good. I am not a specialist in crochet, at all.

My last word is that finally today the sun is back, after the storm we had last week. One of our fences was damaged by the wind, and DH has just repaired it, so now the rabbit is free again in the garden. He is hopping between the daffodils, and basking in the sunshine. Lovely.


flom said...

j'adore c'est à croquer, mais les petons de mes loulous sont trop grands maintenant!!!!!!!!!

Delphine said...

Bonjour, ces petits chaussons sont adorables pourriez vous m'envoyer les références exactes pour que je puisse tenter de le commander

voici l'adresse de mon blog