Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fabric postcard, Flying Dutchman

I took part in a little swap on the group BQLPC (Post Cards) with only 3 of us.
The theme was "Flying Dutchman", which I interpreted as the boat called that name. It was supposed to be a ghost embarcation, and feared by people on the sea.
The name also refers to the patchwork block called the Flying Geese, triangles in a line, in the middle of a rectangle.
And this is the result:

I regret the poor lighting, with winter the days are quite short, and the weather is terrible, lots of rain at the moment, and flooding not far from where we are. There is no risk for us as we are on a hill, but we feel sorry for the people who are affected.

I managed to go running this morning, but got wet from the rain while in the middle of nowhere. There were only fishermen around the lake where I was.
This is all on the theme of water isn't it!

Enjoy your sewing,



benta atSLIKstitches said...

Great ships, shame about the rubbish weather!

Anonymous said...

The ships are so much fun - wonderful!