Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A quick quilt, disappearing nine patch

Sadly in July we learned that my mother in law was not well. She lives in the South of France, very far from England in a way, and had to go to hospital. They found out she had osteoporosis, and had broken a vertebrae.
We were going on holidays there so I wanted to make a quick quilt to take with us.
 An easy pattern is the disappearing 9 patch. You sew your squares together 9 by 9, as on these 2 photos. I had some pre-cut squares and used these.

One 9 patch block

 Then you cut right through the middle in both directions.

 Finally shuffle your blocks and choose your favorite design.

 This is how I put my blocks together. I find it difficult to capture the right colour of the fabrics.

 A photo of the back, in the garden of the house we rented in South of France in August. I did some very simple quilting as I was rushed for time. The back is made with 2 pieces of small pink flowers fabric.
The folds are nothing to worry about, just the consequence of travelling a long way.

With a corner of the back.

I added a small border to make this lap quilt a bit bigger, and it's a nice finishing touch.

DD3 is showing it fully, she has growned a lot, nearly my size.

My MIL really appreciated the quilt. She said it was the first she had. I explained that I haven't made many, especially outside the close family. DD2 is still waiting for me to finish hers. It's in the work in progress pile.

I'm sorry I didn't show this before. it's only from looking through the past posts that I realised I had forgotten to show you  the photos.
I have more projects to illustrate, just need to find time to blog.

Enjoy your sewing.



Andrea said...

It is really pretty and of course she loved it. A little reminder that even though her family are not so close by she is loved and in your thoughts xxx

gill said...

This is lovely Pascale - I really must try a DSP!!
I hope your MIL is feeling better and enjoying her quilt!

Irene said...

Pascale, your MIL's quilt is lovely and no wonder she loved it. I shall have to try disappearing 9 patch, it looks interesting.

Hope she is OK. Osteoporosis is a very debilitating condition.

NancyRose said...

Wahou.... so nice... welldone

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I love D9P - they look far more complicated than they are! You have used some very soothing fabrics, I'm sure she loves it!

flom said...

depuis que j'avais lu ce post, ça a cogité, et je me suis lancée, j'ai commencé un patch avec ta technique,
j'avoue avoir eu un grand moment de solitude au moment de couper, j'avais tellement peur de mal le faire que j'ai failli garder mes carrés, mais finalement je suis contente d'avoir essayé, merci pour ce tuto