Friday, July 08, 2011

Our challenge finished in a quilt

As a challenge, all the members of the Golden Lion Quilters were given 2 fabrics at Christmas to be used in a project with squares and rectangles. There was this japanese inspired fabric on the left, with a blue background. I liked that one.
And then there was this pale pink and green fabric , in a completely different style and colours.

They didn't go together and that was the challenge.
I managed to find some fabrics from my stash that went with the blue, but the pink was more difficult.
But at the end I think the number of fabrics mean that they blend together, so the result is not too bad.

  I kept the blocks pretty big so the quilt would be made quickly. It's a lap size and will be used in the family.

 It has been given to Frances who leads our group as I will miss the meeting when all members bring their production. That's a shame but my brother is coming next week with his family and I'm really looking forward to having them all here.
And because we cleaned the house a lot to put it on the market, I am not too worried about last minute tidying up. It will be easy.
Moving in a month though will be a different matter.
Enjoy your sewing.


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

They Work really well with the other fabrics, well done! Hope the packing goes well, dont envy you!

essay said...

very beautiful!