Saturday, December 04, 2010

My new knitted wrist warmers

First I had to deal with the vocabulary here. In France we call these "Mitaines", but in England they are Wrist warmers.Then English mittens are what is in French "Les moufles". That's a bit of confusion taken away.

Next the wool. I bought it from The Crafty Yarn and it is from Manos del Uruguay, extrafine merino number 9298. The funny story was that I bought it at a show near London, in Alexandra Palace, in October. I came home and discovered on the card that the shop is very local for me. Anyway I went to see them on another occasion and the owner is very nice indeed, I would recommend her.

 The wool came as a big skein, and I made it into a ball with the help of DD4, holding the wool, and a kitchen ustensil, to put some juice on a roast in the oven. Not sure about the actual name. The idea is that it is conic.

Next the pattern: I found it on Ravelry. It is from Coco's knitting and is called "Improvisation pattern".
It is done with one circular needle for both wrist warmers, and that takes some getting used to.
But finally it worked and I am happy with the result.
Here they are finished.
I made the length before and after the thumb the same, so that you can wear them on either hand.

 The inside of the hand is simpler.

 They are really nice, but I wouldn't wear them outside at the moment as it is too cold. We had -3 C yesterday in the afternoon. I was freezing while waiting at the school doors for DD4 to come out.

I wish you a nice week end, preparing for Christmas, no doubt.


SLIKstitches said...

Very impressed with the knitting, Pascale, one craft I never got the hang of :-)


write my essay said...

cool! )