Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week end bag from Amy Butler

I started working on this bag, and then it took me longer than I thought to finish it.

I saw a sample at FOQ in Birmingham last August, and ordered the pattern. The fabric is curtain material, and it is all lined in cream.

I love it but am a bit worried about how strong it will be, and if it will keep its good looks with use. There is a lot of interfacing, and lining to make it stronger but I didn't have one of the products recommended.

And there it is with a photo of the pattern from Amy Butler. You can find these pretty much everywhere.


gill said...

Hi Pascale
Your AB bag is beautiful!
can you tell us more? was it difficult? how long did it take?
I love your choice of fabric
love Gill xx

pascale said...

It takes some time to cut all the pieces, and then match all the interfacing pieces together.
I didn't make it in one go so can't tell you how much time I needed all together.
It wasn't difficult but you have to be precise and follow the instructions.

Mrs. Mike said...

I admire your skill! I'm still looking at my basket of scraps thinking about quilting! and now have begun on woolrug braiding with grandmother before she's too old to show me how.

It's tough being creative and random at the same time!

Kandy Newton said...

Wow, what a very professional and elegant looking bag, you have been a busy bunny. Love that fabric too.