Monday, October 19, 2009


This is a simple project, you can use whatever size of fabric you have at home, or some remnants or bits left at the end of another project, which is what I did.

I assembled the fabric to make squares 4 1/2"
unfinished size. Then very simply you cut a square the same dimension for the back, put them right side together on a piece of wadding. As a remark I can add that I used leftover wadding, and didn't cut it until after I had sewn around my coaster. This is easier.

So you put the walking foot on the sewing machine, start 3/4 down one side of a square, and sew 1/4" all around your square, leaving a gap at the end to turn everything right side out.You cut the corners to reduce the bulk there, and turn your coaster out.

There is some hand sewing involved now, to close the gap. I use a ladder stitch that disappears in the fabric.
The last step is to quilt each square 1/4" all the way around the top. They should finish close to 4" square, but that's not very important as long as they are all a similar size.

I can say it is a quick project, but it depends how many coasters you make, and how long it takes you to make the top. You could choose to piece it with a small block, or embroider it. I had 2 bits of trees left from another year, and used them.

I chose not to be too precious about it, because I want these little coasters to be used, and washed. They will be little presents ready to go, I don't know where yet.

I love the batiks and their colours.

I hope you find this inspiring and start yours. It could become a little Christmas present...


Anonymous said...

it's a genial idea for Christmas present, original and little expensive!!
thanks for the posts that you have left me!

The Sunroom said...

Lovely little blog - I voted for you :-)

Quayquilter said...

I voted for you too and I love the coasters!
Thanks for the kind remarks on my blog
Mary Cunningsworth aka Quayquilter

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

What a great idea! These
coasters would make great
Christmas presents!