Thursday, April 09, 2009

Exhibit at Intel

Busy week, with the school holidays and the children at home. I managed at the week-end to put some of my production in a display at Intel (the offices for Europe are in Swindon) thanks to my DH.

And then I was very happily surprised to sell some staight away. So people do appreciate what I am making.

So far I have given things away to friends and family, it is the second time only that I sold something.

The other point about this is that I have been making quite a few things, and can't expect to keep them all, I need the space. And then with the money I can buy more fabric!
But at the moment I am not making much, haven't touched a needle all week. That's terrible. And next week will be busy as well, with a very dear friend coming over, so good times coming.
Oh well !

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Lova said...

Wow, your display looks fantastic. Congratulations on your sales, you must be supper happy about it. It's quite motivating isn't it to know that other people like your work and that you can be financially rewarded for your skills.