Friday, February 27, 2009

Little fabric boxes

I have 3 books written by the author of the Tilda series, Tone Finnanger, and I must say that I have used them quite a lot recently.

This one I bought in France but it is also published in English, it is called "La maison de Tilda" or "Sew Pretty Homestyle". Tone has a new book ready, just waiting for a translation, so far you can buy it in Finnish I believe.

So this project is the fabric boxes. I adapted the size to fit a certain shelf, and made a mistake while doing so, but I am sure you can manage, or just keep to the same size.

They are easy and fast to make, one big rectangle of fabric is needed. This one comes from Ikea, again, but I liked the design and the price is good. One of my boxes is made with wadding, as in the pattern, and the other without (on the right). Because the fabric is thick enough I don't think I would need wadding for the next ones.

I hope this gives you the desire to try it...

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Sonnja said...

What a lovely boxes!
Kind regards,

Beertje Zonn