Monday, December 22, 2008

OT why I haven't posted lately

I had a plan, I would be very organised and prepare my posts in advance. None of it happened, too much in between. I have a good excuse, apart from Christmas being in 2 days of course.

At the moment I am in Paris with all my family, it had not happened in the last 18 months I believe. My brother moved back from San Francisco to live in France again. We are all enjoying being together for a few days.

But what really stopped me in my sewing path was the work on our kitchen starting. I can give you photos of the kitchen empty, I think it had only been that bare when we moved in.

And of the kitchen destroyed.
No picture of after yet, we'll have to wait until we go back home to see the results.
We had to empty everything the week-end before the work started, and we feel like we are camping in our own house. The worse was the dirt when Steffen who is doing all the work, had to dig in the walls for all the future wiring. The dust got everywhere, and there will be more while we are away.
I can be in advance a bit, and wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. And I promise I will post some photos soon, as I did manage to make some things in advance for Christmas, but couldn't show them.
I am also hoping to find the time to go to Montmartre, for the fabric shops there. Maybe one of my daughters will accompany me...
Enjoy the festivities.

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