Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lots of shopping in California

Sorry I haven't posted last week, I was on holidays in the US. How cheap the fabric is there, about a third of what I pay here. Ibought another jelly roll and some fabric, several meters, for the price of the first item here.

And the shops are overwhelming in a way, if they provide all kinds of fabrics. But I didn't find really new books, except one I will show you later when I have done something from it.

So I visited at least 3 shops, with the girls moaning a bit in the background...they know me I'm not fast when there is fabric to be seen. I discovered the chain shops Jo Ann, with fat quarters at $1, that's 50p in England.

First there was "Stonemountain and daughter Fabric" in Berkeley. That's the overwhelming one, with 3 big rooms full of fabric, but not only for patchwork, as there is dressmaking material, dressing up, tablecloth, etc...

And here is a photo of the inside of the shop.

They have a lot of things, but as they are not specialised you might not find the notion you were looking for.

I bought some fabric and notions like these cute thimbles in plastic, some much needed curved safety pins to prepare my quilting, and a thread cutter.

I intend to make a skirt with the green fabric, so I bought 3 yards, no metres.

And here is "New Pieces" in Berkeley again. A patchwork shop this time, and very friendly too. There was going to be a class in the evening, and the lady running it showed me her latest work. Lots of fabric as well, and I succumbed.

There are 25 members of staff, and I guess it is a way to bring more interesting projects and classes to the shop. Amazing isn't it.

I particularly love the green with brown spots, and bought a matching brown fabric that you can hardly see in the back.

There are more patchwork shops in Berkeley, but we didn't visit them all, too many other things to do.

And then in Jo Ann I bought these.

The pink at the back was chosen by Daughter 2 for some clothing, to be decided later.

I found some japanese fabric remnants in Berkeley as well in "Thousand Crane", a futon shop with all kind of things japanese, and some fabric.

And as we went to Sonoma, in the Nappa Valley, I discovered a quilt shop by accident, and really enjoyed myself. It is called "Quilted Cottage"and they have so much fabric, and quilts on display, and nooks and corners with offers and ideas. Beautiful, I couldn't resist, and here is the result, although the photo doesn't give the true colors.
After that I stopped buying fabric, a bit worried about the weight of our suitcases, but we were fine.
I am a bit jet lagged, but I am dying to do some sewing now I'm back and there is food in the fridge.


flom said...

que de lieux de perdition!!!!!!!
Mummmmmm tu as fait chauffer la carte bancaire!!!!!!!!
jolis achats, j'ai hâte de voir ce que tu vas en faire

Lova said...

Glad to hear you had a fantastic time in California. Looking forward to see what you are going to make with all those new fabrics and notions.

pascale said...

Tous ces tissus à perte de vue ! oh lala !! chouettes tes trouvailles!