Sunday, June 24, 2007

one year already

I opened this blog a year ago and haven't used it. What a shame, but life is so busy.
On the patchwork side, I have been very prolific recently. Thanks a lot to QuiltersNews Network. It is free patchwork TV on the net, wonderful. You get experienced patchworkers demonstrating their techniques and showing their quilts and other items. I have learned a lot.
The address is

I particularly like Eleanor Burns videos. They come on Thursdays, every hour. At first i found her southern accent quite irritating, what with being french and living in England, but then i got really interested in her work. She is a very clever woman, with lots of quick tips. And she doesn't make a fuss. The name of her show is " Quilt in a day". I had never seen anything like this. There is nothing on TV about patchwork in Europe.

The other thing is other people's blogs. They are very stimulating. I have found a group of friends in France who share their ideas and realisations on the web. More later I suppose.

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